reiki symbol japanese


Reiki – pronounced Ray-Key a japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy.

Usui Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing method discovered in the mid nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui & introduced into the western world in the mid 1970’s.

Reiki balances & works on four levels of existence:

  • Physical – The body manifested pain.
  • Emotional – What you are feeling.
  • Mental – What you are allowing yourself to think.
  • Spiritual – Your capacity to love yourself & others.

Reiki does not clash with any other healing systems & greatly enhances the positive effects of other therapies e.g. Kinesiology.

What Is Usui Reiki used for?

Usui – Reiki can be used to heal ourselves, others, animals & plants.

There is nothing that Usui – Reiki cannot help or heal in some way.

The Usui – Reiki energy produces feelings of profound peace & relaxation, not only relieving conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety & insomnia but many more.

Usui – Reiki helps reduce or eliminate pain & accelerates the healing of cuts, sprains, broken bones & sports injuries.

Many chronic complaints & serious illnesses have been alleviated, sometimes dramatically.

While Usui – Reiki will not heal most congenital birth defects, it can bring about clear improvements in even seemingly hopeless conditions.

Reiki Healing Q & A

  1. Can it have any side effects?
    There should be no side effects through the healing process.
  2. Does it hurt?
    Reiki Healing does not hurt. It is a relaxing therapy that helps the stress levels within the body.
  3. Do I have to undress?
    There is no need to undress. clothing does not affect the amount of healing received.
  4. What is the procedure?
    The healer connects their mind to a higher level of consciousness, in other words, God, heaven or universal energies. This releases a powerful energy. The healer accepts this energy & distributes it to the patient’s energy field; wherever the needs are required.
  5. Is there an age barrier?
    There is no age limit to receiving healing. Those of a very young age can benefit from receiving healing as can those of a more advanced age.
  6. Can animals benefit?
    Most animals love to receive healing & they receive as much benefit from the healing as their human counterparts.