Body Alignment

Body Alignment involves the combination of several therapies, looking at the body as a whole & not just where the pain is. Many factors are taken into account, this can mean the possibility of making changes to posture, sitting position at work & home, or altering your work station, especially if it involves using the computer for extended periods. It is often something quite simple that is done regularly without being consciously aware of it, that is the key to making the necessary changes.

After a full assessment a treatment regime will be discussed & reviewed after the first couple of sessions if necessary.

What is pain?

It is nature’s way of telling us that something has gone wrong. Most pain has a simple physical cause, inflamed or strained muscles, restricted joints or pressure on nerves.

How can it be treated?

Routine conventional treatment with pain killers, muscle relaxants, etc., may be all that is needed. In a multitude of cases it is enough to rid the person of their painful symptoms. But if the condition persists, or continually re-occurs, alternative treatment such as Body Alignment may be beneficial.

Using gentle manipulative techniques fixed or malfunctioning joints may be released by gliding the joint rapidly through it’s normal range of movement. This is done in conjunction with massage to release the muscles & enabling the body to allow the adjustment, restoring the body’s correct balance.

Exercise, advice on posture & relaxation techniques may also be recommended.

What is involved?

An initial consultation involves taking a medical history as well as a full case history, to assess the treatment required. This won’t commit you to a lengthy & expensive course of treatment – it won’t commit you to anything.

If the problem does not respond to treatment & start to improve after two to three sessions, the patient is reassessed & if it felt appropriate is referred to the GP for a further opinion before more treatment is given.

At no time are you expected to commit to a specific number of treatments.